Monday, March 2, 2009

A Birthday Celebration

Last Friday was my birthday and boy did my family spoil me! I was planning to scrub all the floors in the house while the kids were at school. Well, Stan actually surprsied me by taking the day off from work! We went on a bike ride down at Isle of Palms. Stan even packed a picnic lunch which we ate on the beach! It was so much fun! As some of you know,my dear friend Shannon, loves cup cakes. Her love of cupcakes has rubbed off onto me and now I love all things cup cakes! After lunch Stan took me to The Cupcake Store downtown. This is the cutest little place! How could it not be with it's decor all in pink & brown (my most favorite color combination ever!). If you live in the charleston area and have not visited The Cup Cake Store I highly suggest you do...TODAY! If you do not live close by, please come visit and I will take you there! Stan even bought a fun t-shirt at the Cup Cake store for me. I love it! I ate a carrot cake cup cake. It was delicious!

The only bad thing about the first half of my day was...I forgot my camera at home! I am still angry at myself for this. I NEVER forget my camera! I guess the old age is setting in already!

I told Stan we will just have to everything all over again so that I can document it on film!

Molly and Payton treated me to their "spa treatment" Friday night. Molly washed my hair and gave my head a massage-it was wonderful! Payton rubbed lotion all over my legs and feet- it felt great! After our Spa Treatment I surprised the kids with the High School Musical 3 DVD and we all watched the movie together.

The celebration continued on into Saturday! My dear friend, Tonya, up in Ohio, had a gorgeous fruit arrangement sent to the house. The pineapple and chocolate covered strawberries melted in our mouth. Thank you ,Tonya for thinking of me! Then the kids all were invited to sleep at friend's houses so Stan and I went out on a date! We went to a Janpanese Steak House close to home. What fun we had! We were actually planning to attend the 9:00 church service on sunday morning but we overslept! I can not remember the last time we were still sleeping past 9:00 in the morning! Stan actually got up and set up a lovely breakfast for me with candle light and all! We enjoyed more of the fruit Tonya sent to me.
Thank you Stan, Tucker, Molly and Payton for making my birthday such a wonderful day! I love you all!

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Janet said...

Amy - I am so glad you had a great birthday - it sounds like a fabulous day. Happy belated birthday to you! I will have to come and visit so you can take me to the Cupcake Store - carrot cake cupcakes sound amazing. Yes, your husband will have to do this all over again so we can get some wonderful pictures of your outing that morning :) but I know you will always remember it in your heart. Have a great evening.