Saturday, July 30, 2011


Just wanted to remind y'all that TOMORROW, SUNDAY, July 31st is the LAST day to order the retiring products that I posted last Saturday. You can visit my website ( and place the order yourself OR feel free to contact me and I will be happy to place the order for you.

Tomorrow is also the last day to PRE-ORDER your CRICUT CARTRIDGE and receive a free goodie bag form me and get the July Stamp of theMonth FREE!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Add Cricut Flair to Any Workshop

You HAVE to treat yourself to this AMAZING cartridge!!!! Take a peek a this video to see how the Cricut Cartridge coordinates with the Workshop on Go Kits. I LOVE it!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going Going Gone....

Here is the current retiring list for July 31st. Orders must be placed before midnight MDT on the 31st. I have heard the some items may already be out-of -stock so I'd place your orders ASAP. I have stocked up on the 24 packs of cardstocks. If you plan on using the Cricut, you may use more cardstock than before. YOu can contact me to place your order OR head on over to my website ( and place your order there.

My Relections Kits, Papers & My Stickease
All Level One Scrapbook Kits
Bliss Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Miracle Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Sweetheart Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Wings Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Magnifique Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Olivia Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Hooligans Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Mistletoe Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease

Acrylic Blocks
1” x 1 ½” block (Y1001)
1” x 6 ½” block (Y1005)
2” x 11” block (Y1007)
2 ½” x 2 ½” block (Y1004)
4 ½” x 6 ½” block (Y1011)
My Acrylix block starter kit (Y1500)

Embellishments & Tools
Designer ribbon – Cranberry (Z1209)
Designer ribbon – Buttercup (Z1154)
Designer ribbon – Sweet Leaf (Z1125)
Sophia Level 2 Journaling Spots (Z1357)
Mini Medley Accents – Pear (Z1339)
Mini Medley Accents – Lagoon (Z1340)
Mini Medley Accents – Outdoor Denim (Z1277)

Rub Ons – Across the Board (Z1231)
Rub Ons – Primavera (Z1265)
Kraft Color Ready Borders (Z1377)
Red Eye Pen (3501)
Embossing Powders – Clear (Z671)
Embossing Powders – Heavenly Blue (Z647)
Embossing Powders – Pansy Purple (Z664)
Embossing Powders – Silver Pearl (Z678)
Block Buddy Set Z1289 121 Pivot Point Stapler (Z1009)
Texture Tools – Foam Tools (Z1090)
Fun Flock (Z263)
My Accents Block Organizer (Z185)

24 pks of Cardstock will only be offered in these colors after July 31st: Kraft,
Black, White Daisy, Colonial White, Vanilla Cream, Chocolate, Cocoa, Desert
Sand, Bamboo, Sweet Leaf, Pacifica, Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Olive,
Cranberry, and Outdoor Denim
Textured Cardstock – White Daisy
While no colors are being retired, you will be able to purchase the other colors in combo packs.

Inks and Markers
After July 31st, you will be able to purchase our stamp pads and markers individually. We will no longer offer them in sets of color families. Order before July 31st so that you can receive the Color Family Set discounted price.

Dimensional Elements
Dimensional Elements – Villa (Z1390)
Dimensional Elements – Miracle (Z1354)
Dimensional Elements – Booksmart (Z1223)
Dimensional Elements – Borders (Z1156)
Dimensional Elements – Framed Fun (Z1140)
Dimensional Elements – Plain Chipboard (Z1164)
Dimensional Elements – Stars (Z1312)
All Dimensional Elements Monograms – A – Z
Other Items
All Envelope flats – Pg 114
3” x 3” Mini Album (Z1166) – Pg 120
My Creations 3 ring binder (Z1141) – Pg 120
ALL stamp sets not in the 2- 2011 Idea Books

The following colors of cardstock will only be available in the Combo packs with just 2 of each color so if you like them, you may want to stock up now.
Sunkiss Yellow
Sunny Yellow
Lilac Mist
Holiday Red
Spring Iris
Pansy Purple

Monday, July 25, 2011

Convention Highlights Video!

Here is a fun little video showing some of the AWESOME memories made at the CTMH 2011 Convention 2 weeks ago. What fun we all had! You can be a part of the FUN in DALLAS next summer. Become a member of my CTMH family TODAY! I'd LOVE to have you on my team! Contact me for more information!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sneak Peeks!

Today I wanted to share a sneak peek of a project I created using a NEW CTHM product that will be available to purchase on August 1st. Before I do that I wanted to remind you that yesterday I posted info about retiring products AND a PRE-ORDER SPECIAL for the CTMH CRICUT BUNDLE. This special will run until July 31st. All those who pre-order will receive a special gift from me and you will earn the JULY STAMP OF THE MONTH (love this set) FREE. If you already purchased
or earned this set that we can replace it with another stamp of the month.

And now for a little sneak peek: This is our new memory game box. I used it as a scrapbook in a box. I decorated the outside of the box with an outdoor them and then printed photos of our family camping trip. I adhered a photo to each of the 24 - 3 x3 chipboard cards that come in the box and then my children journaled on the back of each card. This was so much fun and I have our camping trip scrapped! My children loved doing the journaling! The box sits on our end table in the family room so all can take a peek at it and relive our special Camp McGrew Memories! The price of the memory game box is $9.95 plus shipping and tax. The item number is Z1614. There are so many used for this little box. You can use it as a "Favorite Places to Dine" box. Have the name of the restaurant on one side of a card and then list your favorite meals from that restaurant on the backside of the card. You can make a "Bucket List" box and list all those things you want to see and do (one on each card). It can be used as an Advent Calendar or a Count Down to Summer Vacation, Count Down to the Start of School or any count down! I took one of my Studio J layouts and cut it into 3 x 3 squares. I adhered each square to a card to create a floor puzzle! It can be an "Advice to the new Bride" or "advice to the new Mom" box. So Fun and so many different ways to use this little memory game box!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Retiring Products and CTMH Cricut Package Special!

I just returned from the CTMH Convention out in Disneyland. My Oh I have LOTS to share with y'all! The 2011/2012 Autumn/Winter Idea Book is AMAZING...and it goes live on August 1st!
Before we say hello to all the fabulous new kits, accessories and stamp sets, we must visit the current Idea book and stock up on all those products that will not be available come August 1st. Below is a list of such products. Feel free to contact me with your order OR you can place your order on my website ( And don't forget about the "More Bang For Your Buck" special going on until the end of the month- for every $50 you spend you get to choose from a select list of product and purchase it for just $1.00!!!! Now is the time to stock up on all your favorites that will be going away on August 1st.
er Kits
Bliss Level 1 -- X7132A pg 12
Bliss Level 2 -- X71
32B pg 12
Bliss stickease -- X7132C pg 12
Miracle L1 -- X7133A pg 16
cle L2 -- X7133B pg 16
Miracle stickease -- X7133C pg 16
Sweetheart L1 -- X7134A pg 2
Sweetheart L2 -- X7134B pg 20
Sweetheart stickease -- X7
132C pg 20
Wings L1 -- X7135A pg 24
Wings L2 -- X7135B pg 24
Wings stickease -- X7135C pg 24
Magnifique L1 -- X7127A pg 38
Magnifique L2 -- X7127B pg 38
Magnifique stickease -- X7127C pg 38
Olivia L1 -- X7128A pg 38
Olivia L2 -- X7128B pg 38
Olivia stickease -- X7128C pg 38
· Hooligans L1 -- X7129A pg 39
· Hooligans L2 -- X7129B pg 39
· Hooligans stickease -- X7129C pg 39
· Mistletoe L1 -- X7130A pg 39
· Mistletoe L2 -- X7130B pg 39
· Mistletoe stickease -- X7130C pg 39
· Sweetheart WOTG -- G1017 pg 41
· Lucky WOTG -- G1018 pg 41
· Sophia WOTG -- G1019 pg 41
· Bliss WOTG -- G1020 pg 42
· Fanfare WOTG -- G1021 pg 42
· Mayberry WOTG -- G1022 pg 42
· Miracle WOTG -- G1023 pg 43
· Wings WOTG -- G1016 pg 43

Cardstock: If you love the 24 packs of one color, most colors are going..going...Gone! Prices will go up to $14.50 per pack. I highly recommend buying your favorites even though some colors (mostly neutrals & fall colors) will still be available in packs of 24. So if you love New England Ivy for Christmas or Outdoor Denim, buy it now. If you love Cranberry or Olive, it will still be available but at the higher price ($14.50)
These colors will be discontinued in 24 sheet packs of one color and are only $9.50 until July 31.
Sunkiss Yellow & Sunny Yellow
Lilac Mist & Amethyst
Holiday Red
Sunflower & Goldrush
Moonstruck (everyone loves this color)
Spring Iris
Pansy Purple
The many other color cardstocks will be sold in combo packs only.

How will you be able to buy the colors in the new Catalog?
They will have 12 colors per pack/2 of each color (24 sheets total) for $14.95 and *NEW* 8 1/2 x 11 will be $11.95

They will also have Shade Packs colowhich consist of 3 colors/4sheets per color (12 sheets total) for $7.95

The color I have listed above ARE NOT in the Shade Packs
Colonial White & White Daisy as well as Kraft will continue to be sold in 24 sheet packs for only $9.50

Block Organizer: (this is one of my favorites- have to have it!) (Z185) For $22.95 (fill it now with these blocks that are being retired):
1 x 1-1/2 Y1001 $4.50
1 x 6 1/2 Y1005 $6.50
2 1/2 x 2 1/2 Y1004 $7.50
2 x 11 Y1007 $14.95
4 x 4 Y1008 $10.50
4 1/2 x 6 1/2 Y1011 $17.95

We will be adding a *NEW* block of 4 x 5" for $15.95.. Check your stamps to see if you need these size blocks to use your stamps and BUY IT NOW!

Kraft Borders: yes the manufacturer is discontinuing this HOT item!!!!

Some Ribbon Rounds: Sweet Leaf, Buttercup & Cranberry

Chipboard: Borders, Booksmart & Framed Fun

Irresistable Chipboards: Miracle & Villa

· Sophia L2 Journaling Spots -- Z1357 pg 116
· Mini Medley Accents â€" Pear -- Z1339 pg 117
· Mini Medley Accents â€" Lagoon -- Z1340 pg 117
· Mini Medley Accents â€" Outdoor Denim -- Z1277 pg 117
· Top Coats â€" Framed In -- Z1211 pg 118
· Rub Ons â€" Across the Board -- Z1231 pg 118
· Rub Ons â€" Primavera -- Z1265 pg 118

All Envelope Flaps (Attn. Card makers)...

Markers and Stamp Pads-
Stamp Pad set â€" Antique -- Z1564 pg 124
· Stamp Pad set â€" Timeless -- Z1569 pg 124
· Stamp Pad set â€" Harmony -- Z1560 pg 125
· Stamp Pad set â€" Blossom -- Z1570 pg 125
· Stamp Pad set â€" Carnival -- Z1573 pg 125
· Stamp Pad set â€" Celebration -- Z1574 pg 125
· Stamp Pad set â€" Harvest -- Z1562 pg 125
· Stamp Pad set â€" Garden -- Z1567 pg 125
· Stamp Pad set â€" Classic -- Z1563 pg 125
· Stamp Pad set â€" Cozy -- Z1600 pg 125
· Marker set â€" Antique -- Z1554 pg 124
· Marker set â€" Timeless -- Z1559 pg 124
· Marker set â€" Harmony -- Z1550 pg 125
· Marker set â€" Blossom -- Z1571 pg 125
· Marker set â€" Carnival -- Z1572 pg 125
· Marker set â€" Celebration -- Z1575 pg 125
· Marker set â€" Harvest -- Z1552 pg 125
· Marker set â€" Garden -- Z1557 pg 125
· Marker set â€" Classic -- Z1553 pg 125
· Marker set â€" Cozy -- Z1610 pg 125
· Textured Cardstock â€" White Daisy -- X5671 pg 124

Lots of Stamp Sets!!

...And now for some even more exciting news! If you have visited my blog in the past few days you have already heard the news. Close to my Heart has teamed up with Cricut and we will be offering an AMAZING Cricut Cartridge starting August 1st! This cartridge is AMAZING...better than any you already have. It has 700 different things you can cut! And we will have stamp sets that coordinate! AWESOME Stuff!!!! Create handcrafted artwork in a snap with this cartridge. Simply plug in your Cricut and you're ready to cut any of the 700 shapes, ranging from elegant rosettes and lace to trendy gift boxes and banners! You'll also receive three My Acrylix D-size stamp sets as well as three sets of 9 x 12 Dimensional elements that work in tandem with the cartridge. On top of that, numerous My Acrylix stamp sets in the Idea Book pair wonderfully with images on the Cricut cartridge. This entire collection will sell for the low price of $99 (do the math and the cartridge comes out to be about $25!)! Check out my blog to watch a short video that introduces you to the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge!

A few more highlights- As you browse the new idea book, you will notice stamp sets that have a red line around them. That means they are Cricut Compatible! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!
  • 700 Shapes on the cartridge!
  • 46 sizes each
  • 32,200 possibilities!!!
So how do you get this exclusive cartridge? It is easy, here are a few ways to own this wonderful new cartridge.
  1. I am taking pre-orders for this cartridge which is available August 1st. Place your order before July 31st and get a free gift exclusively from me. In addition to the free gift you will get the July SOM for FREE!
  2. Host a party with sales of $250 or more and you can get this cartridge for half price!
  3. Become a consultant and order it yourself at a great discount.
This is one cartridge you will want to add to your collection. It takes creating to a new level of faster, simpler and easier!
Here is a fabulous piece of art created by my dear friend and fellow consultant, Lisa Stenz, using this INCREDIBLE cartridge!!!!! Contact me TODAY to pre-order YOURS!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Close To My Heart and CRICUT!

I am SOOOOOO Very Excited to share Close to My Heart's newest exclusive CRICUT CARTRIDGE!!!!! This cartridge is AMAZING!!!!! View the video below to learn all about it!
This product will be available in AUGUST when the NEW Close To My Heart 2011 Autumn/Winter Idea Book goes LIVE! Be sure to contact me to reserve your Idea Book TODAY!
And check back to learn about the New Idea Book Extravaganza Event I will be hosting in late August. Details coming soon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Stamp of the Month Artwork

Here are a few cards created using the July Stamp of the Month: American Celebration.
Not only is this set perfect for 4th of July but for celebrations in general. The set consists of 12 images and is available during the month of July only. Purchase it at full price for $22.95 OR get it at a discount based on your order total!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Check Out the July Specials from

Close To My Heart!! Starts Today! :)


That's it! Spend at least $50, and choose from one of the five product kits below...each just $1.00!


PLUS, don't forget that a $50 order will give you the July Stamp of the Month set (shown below) at 50% off. Another bonus savings for you! :)

(Plus, how cute are your 4th of July pictures going to look in your scrapbooks using this set?)


Big THANKS to Karen Pedersen for sharing her gorgeous artwork featuring the July S.O.M. set. Beautiful!!


Oh yeah! Don't forget about shopping the clearance section on my website! There are 49 items there now, available only while supplies last, and ONLY available for purchase on my website!

Most products are 33% - 78% off