Monday, February 9, 2009


Today is my husband's birthday. Those who know Stan, post a birthday comment here on my blog and I will be sure he reads it! We actually celebrated on Saturday because Mondays are always busy with work, school and after school activities.
Like me, Stan loves Almond M&M's. Molly gave Stan a big bag on Almond M&M's in honor of his special day. Stan was thrilled!
I thank God on this special day (and every day) for blessing me with Stan. I am so grateful he was born and so lucky to have Stan as my husband.
Happy Birthday Stan! Hope your day was as special as you are to me, Tucker, Molly and Payton!
We love you!


Shannon Buck said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAN!!!!! You're looking great and younger than ever!! ;) I hope you had a great day filled with many, many wonderful memories, lots of love from your family and lots of cool gifts! Did you get any cupcakes by chance? You REALLY need a cupcake on your birthday to make it complete ya know. ;)

Margi said...

Happy Birthday Stan! You are born a special day at our house too! Greg shares the day with you.
Hope you had a wonderful day on the 9th and a great year too! Happy Birthday to Amy this month also!

Tracy said...

Happy belated birthday Stan. One of these years, we need to do a Birhtday weekend trip to celebrate your and Dave's big days!!!!!