Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last Thursday evening I held a "Celebration" theme gathering at my home. Fun was had by all. The gals in attendance were great participants as we played, laughed, joked, learned new tips and tecniques and created this cute paper wallet. We used the new Day Dream paper pack to maek it.

I know a handful of you wanted to attend the gathering but had conflicts that evening. No worries-I am planning to host another gathering sometime in March. Hopefully you will be able to attend that event and join us in making a very cool (and FREE!) project!

Here are photos of the paper wallet the gals made on Thursday evening. I taught how to use "liquid applique." This is a very fun embellishment that makes the cupcake look like it is covered with coconut. The photo does not do justice. It is really very cute and oh so easy! Liquid applique can be used for so many different things.

If you have used it in the past please share how you used it or if you know of a cool way to use it to enhance a project please share in the comments section. I will pick one random winner to receive a FREE tube of liquid applique early next week.
I look forward to hearing all your ideas!
(Sorry that this photo is sideways-I have tried over and over to rotate it but even when I rotate it-it still comes up on the Blog as sideways! Hopefully you still can get the idea of how cute this paper wallet is!)

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tonya beck moore said...

I had not used liquid applique before using it on the cupcakes at your house, but I'll be using it a lot from now on. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for teaching us how to use it and for giving us a chance to do it right there in case we had questions!

When I gave the photo wallets to my girls on Valentine's Day they both absolutely LOVED them! I couldn't have gotten them anything better. We just decided to get Porter a bit of extra candy because we knew he wouldn't care about the photos. Wrong! After he saw the wallets I'd made at your house, I had to go directly into my workspace to make him one! He carried his around ALL the time for 4 days!!!! Thanks a million from me and 3 very happy children!!! :)