Monday, February 23, 2009

Exciting Times at the McGrew Home!

Last Thursday was a very exciting day for my Payton Marie. She lost her first tooth! She came running off the bus all excited to share her news with me! She pulled her tooth out at school and her teacher gave her this cute "tooth" necklace to keep it in. Payton was beyond excited! This particular tooth has been loose since the day after Thanksgiving so she was more than ready to have it finally fall out!

The funny thing is...she really did "loose" this tooth. She was so excited and she continually opened the tooth necklace to look at it. So she was opening and closing it the whole way home from school on the bus. I noticed her doing it as we walked home from the bus stop. I suggested, to her, that she keep it closed to prevent her from dropping it and loosing it.

Well, we got into the house and of course I wanted to take pictures. She said she had to use the bathroom first. While in the bathroom she opend the necklace and...the tooth fell into the toilet and she flushed before she realized her tooth had fallen! Oh! She was so distraught! Talk about a tragedy for a 6 year old! Tucker, Molly and I confronted her and encouraged her to just write the tooth fairy a letter explaining what had happened. Payton eventually calmed down and did write a cute letter and colored a picture for the tooth fairy!

It's funny-I, too, got all excited when Tucker and Molly lost their first tooth. I have to be honest and share with you that I was actually sad when Payton lost hers. Payton is my baby and loosing her first tooth is another sign that she is growing up. Time goes by much too quickly. I am really trying to enjoy each day with my children and cherish the memories we create via scrapbooks so that I can revisit these special times over and over again...even as my babies grow up. I love that I scrapbook and perserve not only our special events , but the day-to-day happenings, as well!

Tucker also had an exciting experince last week. He had been working super hard preparing for his audition into Rowlings School of the Arts. He began preparing last summer. He had his paino audition in January and last week he recieved his acceptance letter! Out of 109 students auditioning only 24 were accepted. This is a huge accomplishment for Tucker and the entire family is so very proud of him! Tucker will attend Rowlings School of the Arts for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. He will recieve extra instruction in piano each school day. It is going to be an amazing exoerience for Tucker. He is thrilled to accepted into this wonderful school. WAY TO GO TUCKER!!!!!! Feel free to post Tucker a congratulations note in the "comments" section on this blog. Tucker would be thrilled!

I will certainly create a scrapbook layout highlighting Tucker and this amazing accomplishment!

I encourage you all to create a scrapbook layout today!



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tonya beck moore said...


I never had any doubt that you would be accepted into Rowlings! I'm thrilled for you and I hope you are very proud of yourself.

Remember what I told you about all of those girls ... they'll be chasing around a handsome guy like you, but make sure you keep studying! :)

Great job, Tucker!!!!!!!!!