Friday, May 8, 2009

A GREAT Quote!

Happy Friday!
Oh how I love Fridays! And today will be extra special, as I am invited into school to have lunch with my daughter, Payton Marie (who is in kindergarten) in honor of Mother's Day!

I came across this quote the other day (sorry, I cannot recall where I read it). It spoke volumes to me and wanted to share it with you!

"How SIMPLE it is to see
that all the worry in the world
cannot control the FUTURE
How simple it is to see
that we can only be HAPPY NOW.
And that there will never be a time
when it is not now."
~Gerald Jampolsky

Speaking of being happy, my friend and fellow consnultant, Karen Pederson, has posted an activity on her blog asking readers to share 10 things that make them happy. I thought this would be a fun activity to do with all my readers! Below you will see 11 simple things (I had to add an 11th item-I just love all my girlfriends!) that make me happy. I invite you to share in the comments section 10 things that make you happy! I hope to hear from you soon!

11 Things that Make Amy Happy

1. Seeing my children get off the school bus at the end of the day and come running to me
2. Quality time with my hubby
3. Quality family time
4. Walking into my bedroom and discovering that someone has made my bed
5. Fun mail in the mailbox!
6. Almond M&M's
7. A good workout-run,swim and/or bike
8. scrapbooking memories and stamping all kinds cards and paper projects
9. watching "Brothers & Sisters on Sunday night with my hubby
10. The Beach and sound of the Ocean

Have a HAPPY day!

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Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your list on my blog. I will do the same for you. Here is mine. Isn't it true that sometimes the little things can bring the most joy?

1. BLT's with extra crispy bacon and miracle whip (not mayo!)
2. Tuesday nights with American Idol
3. Creating a scrapbook page while reliving the memories and feelings I felt when the photos were taken
4. Holding and smelling my sweet baby granddaughter
5. When hubby kisses my neck
6. Watching my boys play basketball and football
7. Sitting on a beach with nowhere to go and the sun beating down on me
8. Mrs. Cavanaugh's milk chocolate caramels after they have been in the fridge
9. Days filled with rain, thunder, lightning and grey skies
10. Laughing until my cheeks ache and tears are running down my face