Monday, May 25, 2009

Dancing Girls!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

I hope you have all enjoyed a nice long weekend. The McGrew family had a very busy but fun 3-day weekend. I have so much to share and tell you about! Tonight I will start bytelling you about Friday evening. Molly and Payton had their dance recital. We changed dance studios this year. The girls took their lessons at Magnolia Dance Academy which is located right down the street from our home (the commute was FABULOUS!). Anyway, all the dancers in the entire academy did a fabulous job. Stan and I (and even Tucker) were very impressed with the show. I congratulate all the dancers and all the faculty at Magnolia Dance Academy. They certainly worked hard and it showed on Friday night!

I hope you enjoy some of these photos of Molly and Payton. Molly was in jazz and Payton in ballet. It was such fun getting ready for the show. The girls were so excited to wear "real" make-up!

Tucker gave the girls these flower bouquets after the show.

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