Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been out of town for almost 3 weeks celebrating the holidays with my family up in Connecticut. I have missed blogging and sharing my daily thoughts with you all.

I hope everyone had a joyous holiday and have started 2009 off with a BANG!

I returned home to a box full of brand new Close To My Heart products! I have finally unpacked and have gotten a bit organized (still have to take down the Christmas decorations) and this weekend I treated myself to a few hours of play with all the wonderful new products. Oh my goodness....I was like a child in a candy store!

If you do not have the new Spring 2009 Idea Book please contact me TODAY for one. You are going to be so inspired by the ideas in the Idea book and all the fabulous new stamp sets, scrapbooking kits, accessories and embellishments!

I am offering some new classes/clubs in 2009 and I invite you to join!

I am especially excited about my Calendar Club. How would you like multiple holiday gifts (that you created) completed by early December 2009? If this sounds interesting read on...

The New Calendar Club…and it can TALK!
Each month, we’ll create a 12 x 12 Calendar using a one page design out of Reflections and also using the Monthly Word Puzzles.We’ll also create the monthly title topper. We’ll be working one month behind so you’ll have recently taken photos that you can plug in as you go. J This will make it a great time saver and you’ll love seeing the results as we go on. I’m so excited about it!
In addition, you can also create the “headers” for the Perpetual Calendar. This calendar can be used again and again. You write in your special dates for birthdays and anniversaries. You hang it on the wall and turn it over each month so you have your reminder to send a handmade card to someone who is celebrating a date!

Frequently Asked Questions
When does the club meet? We will meet the first Tuesday of the month in my home. The club time is from 9:30-11:30 a.m. and/or 6:30-8:30 pm.
What happens if I miss a club night? I will stamp the images for you ($1.00 per calendar) and mail out your package to you for $4.80 shipping. I will require a credit card on file and charge your card.
If I’m an out of towner, how can I get the samples? Great question! I will send you an email featuring this month’s project so you can save the sample photos to your computer and print them out at your convenience. If you want to purchase the featured “monthly” stamp set each month, you can do your own stamping and save 10% off the price of the stamp set. Otherwise, it will be $1.00 per calendar for me to stamp the images for you. I’ll ship everything to you and add postage to the monthly fees.
Where do you get your ideas from? I will be using our most recent “how to” program, Reflections. It’s the perfect book to create one page designs for each month. I will then use the Monthly Word Puzzle and ink to create the artwork.
Are there accessories included? I will be able to include “minimal” accessories for this price point of only $5.00 per month, per calendar (12 x 12). There may be occasions where you might want to purchase a certain item (or you may have it already) and complete the page the way I did. For instance, January’s Calendar has “bling” and it’s not included. Many of you already have it, or could purchase it. I am trying to stay on a budget to make this a reasonable club. There may be occasions where I want to include a higher prices item, but it will be an OPTION.
Do you plan on changing a month for any reason? Yes! I plan on trying something completely different and fun! A Birthday or Anniversary Month! I thought it would be fun to create two versions of celebration months so you can change it up and put it in the month of the recipient’s birthday or anniversary! AND, I would love to add our My Pages Talk Voice Recorder where you can make your calendar sing or talk! Of course, this is optional but wouldn’t it be so much fun to have your family sing or say something special to this person? Wouldn’t they get a kick out of it?
What papers will you use? Any of our Level 2 paper packs could be a monthly theme. Leave the designing up to me and you’ll be excited about the ideas and variety you’ll work with and create. It will be a fun club! The club pages will also include (1) 12 x 12 piece of cardstock for you to do all the art and then glue to the inside of your calendars. Much easier this way!
I’m a little confused about the cost of the Perpetual Calendar. Can you explain? Sure! You can make these as well as the 12 x 12. So, let’s say you want to create (1) perpetual calendar. We’ll do the math:
1 Calendar @ $10.00 (a one time fee up front so you have it to work on)= $10.00
$ 5.00 per quarter to duplicate 3 monthly headings = $20.00 (for the year)

If you want to create (3) of these Perpetual calendars:
3 Calendars @ $10.00 each = $30.00
$ 5.00 x 3 - $5.00 per month (you’ll do 3 at each month)
Basically, the cost is $5.00 for 3 monthly calendar headings which is very reasonable.
Can I do both Calendars at the same time? Yes! You can do both. You can do 3 of one and 2 of another. You can do 4 and 4. You can do multiples of whichever one you want to duplicate. And here’s why …
I do MOST of the CUTTING!
· It will go so fast this way!
· You just BYOBasics!
· I supply the stamps, inks, paper!
What other perks are there to belong to the club?
· You have the opportunity to save 10% off the purchase of the Monthly Stamp Puzzles (reg. price of $22.95).
· Plus, you can purchase our Reflections How To Book (reg. price of $29.95) @ 10% off.
· If you like to make any additional purchases, in any given month that add up to at least $25, you are entitled to purchase the Stamp of the Month @ a 25% discount (reg. $22.95).
· It’s totally up to you … and your pocketbook.
I’m so excited, how do I sign up? Here’s what you need to do:
1. Determine how many Calendars you want to create each month. These are perfect for family that live far away; grandparents; siblings; aunts/uncles; college students; very close friends.
a. 12 x 12 @ $10.00 each
b. Perpetual @ $10.00 each
c. Email me @ mhtml:%7B8AC55918-C81A-404A-B29B-25C9B81C9525%7Dmid://00002288/! or call me (843)207-8698
2. Then let me know how many Calendars you would like
a. # of 12 x 12
b. # of Perpetual
c. Do you plan on attending or do you want them to GO?
3. I will need this information ASAP and no later than January 19th (I will be out of town January 14-18th).
4. Do you have any friends that would love to do this with you?
a. Sign up your friends and receive any of these Calendars FREE for each committed buddy.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call. Each month, I will add the artwork to this website so you can see what’s up and coming. I will be working on December and January later this week.
I look forward to sharing these great monthly calendars with you!

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