Friday, January 30, 2009

Did you say CUPCAKE?????

It is me again!

Did you notice the cupcake quiz posted down here on the left side of the page?

It is so much fun to take. Please take the quiz and share with me your results.

Cupcakes are all the rage now! My dear friend, Shannon, is the Cupcake Queen. She loves everything about cupcakes. My children actually call her "The Cupcake Lady!"

Close To My Heart introduced a darling cupcake stamp set in our new Spring Idea book. I just received mine and am anxious to play with it.

Once you take the quiz please post your results in the comments section AND share you favorite kind of cupcake or share a cupcake recipe or decorating idea with me. One lucky winner will be selected randomally to win the new Close To My Heart cupcake stamp set!

You can read my results from the quiz in the box that introduces the quiz to you. How many of you will receive the same results I did????

I look forward to hearing about your results and reading about your cupcake ideas!

Have fun!


Julie said...

I came up with the same results you did.

I like to make brownie cupcakes. The kids love them and they are easy to pack in lunches and picnics. I like to sprinkle m&ms on the top too!

I LOVE the cupcake stamp set and hope you pick my name!

Julie Halyama

PS I also love the pink and brown!

Kerry Lurk said...

Mine said I stick to my core group of friends at parties which I agree with. I don't think the rest fits me. Oh, well.

I haven't made cupcakes in a long time. I did make them for my daughter's birthday party and let the girls decorate their own!!!!

I love EVERYTHING Close to My Heart! Pick me;)

Kerry Loehrke

Shelley said...

My results were; I'm energetic and outgoing, feel comfortable in a crowd. Not sure I totally agree.

I haven't made cupcakes in a few years but would love to make them with the new "Cupcake" stamp set.

rockinrobyn said...

I love cupcakes at this time of year. Yellow cake mix, vanilla frosting colored light pink with three red hots on top of them!

The quiz was fun and right!

Robyn Roberson

Shannon Buck said...

ROFL! I just had to laugh...your kids call me the "Cupcake Lady" ...? That is too funny! If I ever have the opportunity to meet them I will remember to bring them each a yummy yummy yummy cupcake. :)

Anonymous said...

My cupcake says that I am laid back and even a bit shy...I can agree with that:)

I love to make chocolate fudge cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

Each month until my daughter turns 1, I take her picture with the corresponding number of cupcakes(I did the same thing with my son his first year). The pictures are going to make for a GREAT mini album!