Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charleston SNOW???

Good Morning!
The big news down here in the "low country" yesterday was...did Charleston really get snow?

We DID!!!!! Big white fluffy flakes actually did fall from the sky! It was not much but it was fun to see. I was hoping it would come down a bit heavier so I could get a picture of snow falling on a palm tree but that did not happen so I decided to post this picture of the snowman my family and I built with my parents while we were up in Connecitcut for the holidays. I hope you enjoy!

As you know, I LOVE snow. I would love to hear about one of your favorite winter/snow memories. I invite you to share your memory on my blog. Il ook forward to hearing about your memory today!


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Shannon Buck said...

I love this! I'm so excited that you got snow! That makes for some great pictures and you didn't have to travel around the country to see it. Way to go! We have blue sky and sunshine...which I'll also take. Just can't wait until summer gets here...its my favorite season. :)