Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm in LOVE..with Studio J!!!!

I am in LOVE!!!!! I am having so, so , so much fun with Studio J!!!
I knew this program would be outstanding but I never dreamed I would love it as much as I do. I love to cut and stamp and create "classic" layouts but Studio J is going to add SO MUCH to my scrapbooks. I LOVE how I can intermix classic layouts with Studio layouts. So Very Cool! Here are some photos of the layouts I created last night. The school themed layouts are created with a NEW kit that is available to Studio J MEMBER's ONLY. Isn't it darling?!!!! And please keep in mind that I am still a novice when it comes to Studio J. There is so much you can do to create over the top layouts in a fraction of the time. The more I play the more I learn. It truly is addicting! My kids are just as
excited as I am about Studio J and are learning right alongside with me!

I am so in LOVE and so EXCITED about this program
and I really want ALL of YOU to visit my website and play (it is FREE to play) and get to know how it works. Then if you fall in LOVE like I have, treat yourself to a membership. Below is more info on Studio J and the benefits of becoming a Studio J Member.
Because I LOVE this program so much and want the world to know about it and be in LOVE, too, I am offering a SPECIAL INCENTIVE. I will give each individual who purchases a 12-Month Studio J Membership a FREE 12 x 12 NEW FAUX LEATHER ALBUM (that is a $25.00 Value!)! This incentive is available SEPTEMBER 14th (TODAY!)-SEPTEMBER 20th ONLY. Hope on over to my website ( and get to know Studio J. Then contact me via email or phone to purchase your 12-Month Membership (if you do this on/before Sept. 20th you can choose a 12 x 12 faux leather album of your choice as my gift to you!).

Here is some more info on Studio J:

real life. real scrapbooks. real time.

Studio J enables you to quickly scrapbook your life as it happens. Simply download your photos, create your pages, place your order, and then slip your custom printed layouts

into your albums for sharing with family and friends. Studio J is the best of both worlds, fast online design and a tangible memory book to pass around. It coordinates with Close To My Heart’s long standing scrapbook philosophy and approach.

Patterns, Paper, and Palette

Studio J helps you easily create 2 page layouts using our foundational scrapbook patterns, exclusive color palette and theme designs all delivered in 12x12 custom prints ready for your albums. Studio J keeps the core traditions of Close To My Heart intact, but acts as yet another tool to make your scrapbooking Faster. Simpler. Easier.

The foundation of Studio J lies in the 3 P’s : Patterns, Paper, and Palette

Our patterns are des

igned by CTMH founder and CEO Jeanette Lynton. They show you where to place photos, paper, title, and journaling to achieve optimum results. You can rotate and swap the patterns to create thousands of unique layouts.

Our Background & Texture paper (also known as B&T paper) is beautiful and in Studio J you have plenty of options to choose from. Not only that, each pa

per kit includes coordinating MyStickease artwork just like in the classic version of the products.

Studio J Color palettes are drawn from our line of 60 exclusive colors. Complimentary cardstock, inks and accents coordinate with the colors in each kit. Because everything in Studio J works with our classic products, you can use your classic supplies to enhance a studio printed layout, creating what we call embellished layouts.

Flexibility, one step at a time

CTMH’s Faster.Simpler.Easier philosophy helps you build your scrapbooking skills one step at a time. In Studio J you can start with our professionally designed layouts and preplaced embellishments and then, as your comfort level grows, experiment with your own variati

ons. The preplaced toggle accents offer ease of use and balanced composition, but you can add and delete accents as much as you like.

The 6 paper combinations, or kit mixes, suggested for each kit are harmonious. But you can choose to swap different paper in and out to achieve a unique look that perfectly coordinates with your photos and journaling. Because of this, Studio J offers individuality with your personal scrapbooking that is second to none! No competitor offers the flexibility, variety or customization coupled with the ease of Studio J. With lots of patterns and even more kits to choose from, plus 32 rotate and swap options with each pattern and 6 kits mixes for each kit, you have literally hundreds of thousands of options even before adding the MyStickease images or accents.

We regularly add new patterns and kit

s to keep your personalization options fresh and practically endless. You’ll never see your layout in someone else’s scrapbook. Being creative and original has never been so easy!

Project Storage on SJ

Studio J is an online design tool rather than a photo storage site. For this reason, older projects will be deleted from Studio J if not purchased unless you have a Studio J membership. For Studio J users who are not yet members, active, unpurchased projects are stored for 90 days from the day of creation or from the customer’s last Studio J purchase date – whichever is latest. When a customer purchases a project , that project is stored on Studio J for 1 year from the date of purchase and all other active unpurchased projects are renewed for another 90 days.

All of that changes with a Studio J Membership. Studio J members’ active unpurchased projects will be maintained indefinitely as long as their membership is current. Purchased layouts will be stored for 1 yr. In addition, members receive FREE JPG files of each custom printed layout they purchase and can purchase Hi Resolution JPG files when not purchasing custom prints. That means members have

digital versions of their custom projects they can store indefinitely, even after the 1 year time period has expired on Studio J.

Studio J Memberships

The best way to scrapbook the Studio J way is with a membership. Members save more and get more! Membership opens the door to our best price of 50% off retail. To see just how competitive this pricing is, divide the two-page layout cost by 2 to get a per page cost of

just $3.25. When you compare that with 12x12 print prices from other retailers, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that can offer the same price and the same quality.

  • You’ll also receive free memory protectors for up to 10 two-page layouts per month.
  • Along with that, we offer one free shipment each month to continental US customers who order 4 – 10 layouts per month.
  • Members also get access to exclusive kits and patterns, as well as member’s only promotions, expanding your design options even more!

JPG Files

Remember the JPG files mentioned earlier? One of the best reasons to become a member is to access the Studio J layouts on your computer. These files are available for purchase as a standalone project or FREE with the purchase of a custom printed layout. Getting JPG files means you can download high resolution images – one of the left page and one of the right page, as well as a smaller thumbnail image of your entire layout to share online. Only members can purchase or receive FREE JPG files. So this really is a great rea

son to purchase a membership.

What can you do with JPG files? What about grandma on the other side of the country, or your group of friends who read your family blog? The smaller jpg files make it easier to share custom layouts through email, blogging, Facebook, you name it! Having the Hi Resolution files also makes it super easy to print multiple copies of your layouts. Did you just get back from a family reunion? Print a page for every family’s personal album. Are you trying to keep track of an individual album for your children? Use the JPG files to print a layout for each child’s album. And as suggested before, the Hi Resolution files are also perfect for archiving whether on your computer or through an online backup service.

Membership Renewals

One of the nice things about

buying a Studio J membership is that it is automatically renewed so you continue to receive membership benefits without interruption. A 12 month membership is renewed for another year at the end of 12 months. At the end of a 3 month membership, your card will be billed on a month to month basis. If you want to review or change your renewal options, you can click on my account and choose the membership tab.


These are the answer to those who want to try out Studio J before you make it a regular habit and they also make a perfect gift! With one 5-pack you get 5 two-page layouts along with 5 memory protectors, and free shipping and handling. They make an ideal gift for that person you know will develop a SJ habit. And 5-packs have NO expiration date! And they are good for a single order only, so if you order fewer than 5 layouts you will forfeit the additional layouts.

Full Retail

Of course you can still order Studio J layouts at full retail price. Think of it as an a la carte option, so you can order as many or as few layout

s as you desire. Full retail means that you will pay full price for the layouts and for shipping. So a membership is really the best option if you want to continue the Studio J habit.

Something for Everyone

With Studio J, there is something for everyone! Whether you want to just try it out or you are already a life-long fan, Studio J has what you are

looking for!

Studio J Vocabulary

Classic Scrapbooking – what we call using paper and stamps to create layouts – not traditional. Think of Audrey Hepburn in her black dress, upswept hair and necklace of pearls. There is nothing traditional about that image; it is a classic that we want to revisit again and again.

Online or Studio Scrapbooking – creating Studio J layouts, online in an easy to use design studio. There is no software to purchase and install. The program resides online and available to everyone. We say online so we don’t confuse it with digital scrapbooking which usually requires the purchase of software and whose output is usually digital files rather than custom printed 12x12 layouts you can put in a classic scrapbook.

Embellished Studio Layout – when adding classic embellishments to a Studio J custom printed layout, rather than hybrid scrapbooking, making it unique and conveying the layout as a beautiful page made even more beautiful

Studio J Habit – the practice of creating and buying 4-10 layouts per month in order to take full advantage of Studio J pricing and free shipping

Why don’t we use the words traditional and digital like everyone else? Because Studio J is not like anything else on the market! We are different and proud to be so!

Introducing scrapbooking the Studio J® way! Studio J helps you turn digital photos into two-page layouts quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

If you haven't tried Studio J yet, you are in for a treat! It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to catch up on your scrapbooking, not to mention it is super fun!

September 8th, you will be able to purchase a Studio J Membership that will save you money, and get you a few extra freebies. You can purchase a 1-year or 3-month membership, or even a 5-pack to give as a gift or so you can try it out before committing to a longer term membership.

"What does a membership get me," you ask? You get all of your layouts at half price, free shipping once a month, free jpeg files of your layouts, exclusive members only kits, and special promotions and freebies to be announced. Where else can you get a digital layout for only $3.24 per page without having to pay for software, upgrades, kits, etc. It's all included!

Try it before you buy it. Create an account by visiting my website and click on the Studio J link on the left side, then choose create account. Upload your photos. Choose your layout and kit. Then play around until you get the layout to look the way you want. ALL FOR FREE! Then you can decide if you want to purchase the layout(s). The regular price for a 2-page spread is $12.95. The Membership price for a 2-page spread is only $6.48! PLUS, I'm offering a FREE faux leather 12x12 album in the color of your choice when you purchase a 1-year membership!

Take a quick look at the chart to see a comparison of the options and the savings you can enjoy with each upgrade!

Contact me if you are interested in seeing a Studio J presentation. I'd like to start a Studio J club where you can bring your laptops to my house once a month to learn new techniques in Studio J! Contact me if you are interested!


Karen Pedersen said...

Every layout you did is awesome. I am LOVING Studio J too. It's the best!

Missgingerdots said...

Love your layouts and Studio J is the best!