Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Great, Great day!

Last weekend my family made me feel like a queen! I celebrated my 42nd birthday (I can not believe I am that old!!!!) and they all made me feel super special! This was the yummy cookie cake they bought for me. I am not a big fan of chocolate (unless it is white chocolate or almond M&M's) so this giant sugar cookie was perfect!

I was spoiled with gifts from family and friends and then we went on a field trip to...the APPLE STORE! I am now the proud owner of an Apple Laptop!!!!! I have so much to learn but I am so excited! I begin my one-to-one classes one week from Sunday-that day can not come soon enough!

Thank you Tucker, Molly, Payton and Stan, Mom, Dad and the Fraleigh Family, Tonya and Trina and all those who sent birthday wishes via facebook, phone calls and cards! I appreciate all you did for me to make me feel extra-special!


Karen Pedersen said...

Happy Birthday, sweet friend. You're gonna LOVE your Mac!

Michelle Nist said...

Well, no wonder I haven't heard back from're busy on your new Mac - YEAH!!!!!

lisascreativecorner said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day! You got a great gift. Welcome to the world of Macs! Karen is right. You are gonna love that baby! Have fun with it. Hugs! *Ü*