Thursday, June 4, 2009


Tucker James, my oldest child is about to graduate from elemenatary school. Wow! time certainly does fly by,eh?! This is a layout I created on the first day of school back in August. It showcases a photo taken on the first day of school each year 1st-5th grade. I love this overview of the past 5 years! I created the layout using the Imagine "How To" book. I love the "How To" books that Jeanette, founder and CEO of Close To My Heart, has written for us. I like to call them my "How To Bibles!" These books really make preserving our memories and card making Faster.Simpler. Easier! And I Love how each project looks so different just by changing the papers, stamps and accessories! You can order any or all of the "How To " books right from my website (!

As I said, Tucker will be graduating from elementary school on Tuesday, June 9th. I am so proud of the young man Tucker is growing up to be. Yes, he is a typical boy, forgetting to clean his room, use soap in the shower, and he likes to wipe his mouth on his clothes but he does have a beautiful heart and a great outlook on life. Just the other day we were on our way to the bus stop. Somehow we got into a conversation about why individuals hold grudges against others. Tucker shared with his sisters and I that he just can not understand why people do that. He said that he knows sometimes people are mean but he just lets it roll off his shoulders and then when they want to play he plays with them. He said he has a hard time staying mad at others. "Good for you, Tucker!" I expressed! Tucker is the perfect examlple of how everyone should be! He lives the way God wants us to live-loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Tucker recently played the part of Charlie Brown in his 5th grade class play "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." Here is a photo of him performing. I am looking forward to creating a layout with the photos I took at his performance! Congrats on a great performance, Tucker! Congrats on a super elementary school career! I love you, Big Guy!

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