Sunday, June 28, 2009

The McGrew Swimmers

As promised, I am posting photos of my 3 swimmers. This is the first year all 3 kids are on the team. We are keeping busy and having a blast! It is Tucker's 3rd year on the team and the Molly and Payton's first year. It is such a fun team. Coach Tori is great with the kids-she really focuses on individual improvement, trying your personal best and having fun. Not many sports organizations are like that these days. As I get older I see how competitive everything is. And that is fine...for those who want to be but for those just out to have fun and get exercise and learn the sport-the Whitehall Wahoo Swim Team is the place to be!

I have a cute story I want to share. At the first meet of the season Payton was swimming 25 meter freestyle. This was her first swim race ever. She gave it her all. She did come in last for her heat but she didn't know that. When she hit the wall she shouted loud enough (with a huge smile on her face) for the entire pool area to hear, "Did I win? Did I win?" If was so cute and all the timers congratulated her on the great job she did. just have to love their innocence!

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Karen said...

What a great story!