Saturday, November 22, 2008


I woke up this morning to do my workout and was thrilled when I turned on the boom box and realized the local radio station started playing their nonstop holiday music! I love music and I especially love Christmas music at this time of year. I always treat myself to at least one new Christmas CD every year and I always start listening to holiday music in October! Then once New Year's is over I pack the music away until the next year.

I do the same thing with my children. I started this tradtion when they were very young. I was an elementary school teacher before becoming a mother. I have a great love for chidren's literature so I have a very large collection of books. On December 1st I always bring out all the holiday books and place them in special baskets (I acutally do this with all the seasonaly books). My kids then have these books to enjoy throughout the entire season (so the fall books come out in September, the spring books in March, the summer books in June, etc). I do this with the movies,too. I love doing it this way because the kids never tire from these books and movies. They look forward to them. In fact just last night on the way home from American Girl's club my Payton said to me, "Mom I am getting so excited to get the Chirstmas books out!" We had been talking about Thanksgiving and decorating the tree and then she made this comment. I love how my children associate the holiday books with decorating!

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Shannon said...

Do you have any idea how envious I am of you and your traditions? LOL You are an absolutely AMAZING person Miss Amy! You are so inspiring to every life you touch and you are doing a FANTASTIC job nurturing and growing your children into beautiful spirited adults for the future. Such an inspiration you are...I'm so glad to have the honor of calling you my friend. :)