Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blessing #3 My Children

God was so good to bring me 3 heathly children. I love each of them dearly! Yes, I have my moments where I want to ship them off to Grammy & Grampy's house but when I look at the big picture...they truly are my life. Each one has his/her own uniqueness which makes living in our house all the more interesting!

Tucker James is growing up! This past Sunday he presented Stan & I with a letter expressing why he disagreed with a handful of the rules we have in our household. Stan and I were caught off guard. This was a hug wake-up call to me. My little boy is growing up! We sat down with Tucker last night and went over his list with him. It was wonderful to have an adult like conversation with him. We allowed him to share his thoughts and feelings and he allowed us to do the same. After he went to bed I pondered on what had just happened and I felt blessed that he felt comfortable enough sharing how he felt with us. I know as he contniues to grow he will be exposed and pressured into doing things he know is not right. I feel confident, after last night, that he will come to Stan and I when things like that start to happen.

Molly McKenzie is my helper! She always knows where everything is! She is a wonderful big sister and younger sister. I was touched one day this past summer when she was busy working on a project. She said it was a surprsie. Once she finished she invited me to come take a look. She had created a doll bed for her friend, Gabby's doll. Gabby was going to be visiting us for a week and Molly wanted Gabby's doll to have a place to sleep! Whenever Stan walks in the door from work Molly always greets him wiht a hug and asks him, "how was work today, Daddy?" Stan loves this! What a precious heart my Molly has!

Payton Marie is the smile that keeps our family together. She is quite the drama queen! Payton is full of energy and spunk and loves life. She is eager to please and loves to be cuddled. I am still trying to adjust to having her in school every day all day!

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