Sunday, May 22, 2011

Having Fun Staying Caught Up!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It has been a busy week here at the McGrew Home. This is the last week of school for my three "angels." Part of me is super excited to have them home all day every day and part of my is SCARED TO DEATH! HA! Actually, I am one of those moms who loves having her kids around. I am looking forward to no homework, not having to blow dry hair every night, not having to worry about a bedtime and ju
st hanging out together doing whatever suits our fancy at whatever given minute of the day!

I am sharing with you another layout I created at the Studio J Boot Camp earlier this month. This was actually the last layout I did (after working in Studio J for 15 hours straight) so it is not as detailed as I would like it to be. I can think of LOTS of things I will change on the layout BUT...I love it just the same. This is a good example of a layout that only took 30 minutes (probably less than 30 minutes) to create. It showcases my oldest child and only son, Tucker James. Tucker turned 13 at the end of March. And yes, the teenage years have set in!
Tucker just returned from his first trip away from the family. He traveled with his school band (he plays the trumpe
t in the band) to Disney World to compete in a band competition. He left on Wednesday evening and returned late last night (it was actually in the wee hours of this morning). The house was VERY quiet while he was away. His sisters missed him and Stan and I missed him. We were thrilled when he came home. And I was personally touched as he spent the entire day today telling me story after story of all his adventures. He had a super time but...I think he was actually excited to see me and share his experience with me. It made my day! You never know what a teenager is going to do or how he/she is going to act from one minute to the next. I feel blessed that he wanted to spend so much time with me today. Not sure what tomorrow will bring but BOY! did I enjoy his company today!

Anyway, back to the layout. This showcases Tucker playing the piano in the church band. I love Studio J. It is so much fun! YOu can click on the photo to see it up close. If you love Studio J and.or Close To My Hea
rt products in general than you just might want to consider signing up to be a consultant this month.

Close To My Heart is offering the entire of month of May. You can sign up to become a Close To My Heart Consultant for HALF PRICE!

This is an amazing deal that is so hard to pass up. At club classes this week it has been brought to my attention that a handful of you are very interested in signing up but you are holding back because you don't want to be kicked out of attending classes at my house. I am THRILLED that you have so much fun at the classes held at my home! And you will NEVER be kicked out!

I am delighted to share with you that even if you sign up to become a consultant under me you can still attend my classes. There are several ways we can make this work. I am excited to offer a new point system to consultants-this is a program where you will earn points based on your purchases and the points can be redeemed for FREE PRODUCT from me (even as a consultant!). AND with
a new compensation plan going into affect in October-ALL CONSULTANTS will have opportunities to earn FREE PRODUCT each month from Corporate! As a member of my team yo will also have opportunities to participate in monthly team training calls and receive weekly newsletter tips from me. If you are currently in a scrapbook or club club you will be obligated to finish your commitment to the club. The clubs all end in July (July is the last month of the session and new clubs will start in August).

And if you sign up under me and do not live in my area-NO WORRIES!!!!! You can still participate in my point system, earn free product and take part in all team opportunities!

Last week I shared that my favorite "Choose Me: option is the Studio J option. You can purchase your Studio J 12-Month Membership for just $40!!!!! That ROCKS! As does all the other kit choices. And you can choose up to 3 in addition to your starter kit and your FREE "You & Me" Kit!

The Starter kit norma
lly costs $129.00. This included all the business supplies:

Business Essentials Kit

Open Me First Brochure

Current Idea Book (qty. 5)
The Rewards Come Now Brochures (qty. 25)
You Are Welcome Here Brochures (qty. 25)
Customer Order Forms (, qty. 25)
Studio J® Customer Order Forms (qty. 25)
Studio J® 5-Pack Cards (qty. 5)
Studio J® Membership Cards (qty. 5)
Cello Bags (qty. 25)

Included in that $129.00 you get to choose 3 of the "Choose Me" options. Those normally cost $40 each. BUT...for the month of MY ONLY you get all the items listed above in the Business Essentials Kit PLUS 3 of the CHOOSE ME Kits for the low price of $64.50 (plus shipping and tax)!
And don't forget that you will earn commission of all orders you submit for both yourself and your customer AND you will receive a discount on your personal orders!

So...what are you waiting for? Contact me TODAY to get your CTMH Starter Kit at HALF PRICE! This opportunity is fabulous for all-those interested in growing a thriving business, as well as, those wanting to just get a GREAT discount on GREAT products, and even those just wanting to continue to attend classes in my home!

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