Saturday, May 7, 2011

The answer to staying up on your scrapbooks!


I have been out of town for the past week up in Utah. I was there for a little bit of pleasure and a whole lot of business. I was honored to be one of the 40 CTMH consultants to attend an exclusive 2-day intensive Studio J training event. WOW!!!!! What an AMAZING training event this was. And I am bursting with excitement to share all that I learned with all of YOU!!!!! Currently, Studio J has 192,000 different options for you to choose from BEFORE you start to customize to your liking. I learned so many new and awesome was amazing!!!!!!

I want to share my new knowledge with each of YOU! I m currently scheduling FREE 30 minute one-on-one sessions to all those who are interested in taking their scrapbooking to the next level faster. simpler. easier! And in the coming weeks I will be announcing some fabulous specials and event opportunities so check back often!

Here are some more photos of this incredible training event. Enjoy!

The photo above is one of my favorite layouts that I created at Studio J Boot Camp. You can click on the photo to see it up close. The techniques I learned and used in this particular layout are:
*I used a single photo in multiple photo wells
*I spread a single photo across multiple photo wells to look like one photo

I will be sharing more layouts with you daily.

Here is a photo of a few of my fellow Boot Campers and very dear friends:
As you can see, we were THRILLED when we received the 20 layouts we had created on Day #1!

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