Friday, February 5, 2010

Three Speical Valentine's!

Happy Friday!

Boy! What a busy week it has been, what a busy 2 weeks it has been! I am looking forward to the weekend. We actually do not have anything that we "HAVE" to do. This does not happen often so when it does I really look forward to it!

Here is a photo of three of my very special Valentine's: Tucker, Molly and Payton. This photo was taken last summer on our annual "Camp McGrew" camping trip up in North Carolina.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for several months know that I did the "25 Days of Christmas" for my hubby, Stan, this past holiday season. Well, I had so much fun doing that so I decided to do the "14 Days of Valentine's" with the three little Valenitne's you see here! They are loving waking up each morning to find a little something by their breakfast dishes! These little surprsies are nothing major...just small 3 x 3 cards and treats. I rotate each day from a card to a treat and it is so much fun.

Here is a photo of the treat I gave them on February 1st. I filled skinny clear bags with red, white and pink plain M&M's and made a circle bag topper with my stamps and inks. Easy, Peasy and oh so fun!
Stay tuned to see more treats I surprise my Valentine's with throughout the next week!

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Tonya said...

What a cute idea ~ I love it! Next time post it before you start so I can "borrow" your wonderful ideas. :)