Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stan- The Birthday Man!

Yesteay was my hubby's birthday. I took him out for lunch and then last night after the girl dance classTucker, Molly, Payton and I celebrated with him together. Here are some photos of the fun we had. As you can see, we gave him a bike jesery which came all the way from New Zealand! We also gave him a new chair for camping and the beach. I think I might have to get Tucker, Molly and Payton a chair just like this one. They ALL said it is so very comfortable!

Payton was so proud of the card she created for her daddy. I guess the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree", eh?

What an amazing person Stan is. Not only is he the perfect husband but he is an awesome father, as well.

I made this card for Stan. I copied it directly from the Wishes book Close To My Heart offers in thier product line. This is a fabulous book. The ideas in it are AMAZING! And there are so many could create a different card every day for an entire year and they would all be different! Not to mention all the tips and techniques it teaches you! If you do not already own your personal copy of "Wishes" or "Orginals" (our other card making "How To" book)-treat yourself honor of Stan's birthday! You can order it directly from my website ( or contact me. I will be happy to order it for you! the item number is #9033.

We hope you know just how much we appreciate you, Stan! And we hope you enjoyed your special day!

We Love you!


Karen Pedersen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Stan! I hope it was wonderful. -Eight Toe

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