Monday, February 15, 2010


Miracles do happen! Yes, Charleston, SC got SNOW on Friday! The kids were sent home from school early (even before the snow started) and the entire Low Country was all anxious about what MIGHT come to visit.
It started snowing about 7:00 Friday night and continued on through the night. The kids played outside amd made snowmen and had a ball. Here is a photo of the snowman they made on Saturday morning.

Unfortunately I was not home to enjoy this small miracle. How ironic that I was out of town the one time is actually snows in Charleston. Those who know me, know I LOVE SNOW and this would have been such an awesome sight for me to see and experience with my family.

However, I was up in Columbia working as a vendor at a Stamp and Scrapbook show. The news said we had about 6-8 inches fall up in Columbia, SC (90 minutes North of Charleston) but it did not seem like that much to me. Here is a photo of me and my car on Saturday morning.

To all those who came to visit me at the Stamp Art Show...THANK YOU!!!!

It was a pleasure meeting many new friends and visiting with my exsiting friends!

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Missgingerdots said...

I am so jealous. No snow in Florida!