Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mini Album Fun

I decided to do something new this holiday season. Stan and I agreed not to exhange gifts this Christmas. Our trip to New Zealand in January is our gift to each other. Stan has been working so hard, adjusting to a new job and new coworkers. This can be challenging at times so I wanted to do something fun for him. I decided to give him the "25 gifts of Christmas." On December 1st I gave him 1 ornament, on December 2nd I gave him 2 socks, December 3rd his gift was 3 chocolates. December 4th it was 4 bananas. You get the idea-I give him whatever day it is (5, 6, 7, etc) a gift of that many. Yesterday was December 14th. I made him this mini album that held 14 photos. This album is not my original idea. Another CTMH consultant shared it and I "scrap-lifted" it (this is another perk of being a CTMH consultant, other consultants across the country and Canada share so many wonderful ideas with all the consultants!).

Stan loves his album and I loved creating it for him!

He is also enjoying finding treats on the bathroom counter each morning. He is now going to bed each night wondering what the next day will bring! I,too, am enjoying this little "game" I am playing with him. It can be tricky coming up with little inexpensive gifts to surprise him with each day, esepcially now that the numbers are getting bigger. Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I gave Stan today!

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Karen Pedersen said...

You are the SWEETEST wife and mother. I hope your family knows how lucky they are to have you.