Friday, August 28, 2009

My Little Knitter!

I have been busy all week creating artwork but I made a promise to myself not to post scrapbook laytouts without photos so...I will share my new layouts once I have the photos on them.
So...I wanted to share this cute photo of my daughter Molly. She and I took a knitting class together this summer. If you live in my area I strongly suggest you visit the "Village Knittery" in downtown Summerville. The shop opened about 6 months ago and it is so fun! Miss Emily, the owner is the kindest person and a super teacher, as is her son, Kyle.

Anyway, we took this knitting class together and both of us have fallen in love with knitting. This is Molly with the scarf she knitted. Molly did most of the knitting and ALL of the braided tassels all by herself!!! Aren't the tassels adorable? I am so proud of my little knitter! And yes, I do need to create a layout with this photo. I have knitted a scarf and I am almost done with a hat to match. I didn't think I would love knitting as much as I do but...I DO! It's a great activity to do when you are in the car, as the passenger, of course!

Thank you Molly, for our special time together. I truly enjoy our one-on-one time together knitting!

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