Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We are back from our annual Camp McGrew Camping trip. This year we traveled to North Carolina-up by Asheville. What a wonderful 4 days we had a as a family bonding and spending quality time together. No television, cell phone computers...just fun together. We enjoyed hiking, swimming, sliding down a natural water slide (Sliding Rock), attending Smokey Bear's 65 birthday party celebation, cooking over the camp fire and my favorite, eating popcorn by the camp fire! I always give the kids goodie bags at the start of Camp McGrew. This is something the kids look forward to year after year after year. I make t-shirts for the entire family,too. Here are photos of some of the memories we created together. I am looking forward to adding these photos to the layouts I created last month. Once the photos are on the layouts I promise to post them, as well!

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