Monday, October 29, 2012

More Studio J and Pumpkin Carving!

Happy Monday!
I am praying for all my followers up and down the East Coast.  Please stay safe!
My parents are visiting us for the next 1 1/2 weeks.  I am so very thankful they are here with us in Charleston, as they live in Connecticut and storm Sandy is hitting their area as we speak.  Luckily their neighbors have called and are keeping us posted on my parents house and have taken all their food out of my parents fridge and freezer.  The ironic thing is it was exactly a year ago (while my parents were visiting us) that Connecticut was hit with the major snow storm.  My parents had almost all of their trees fall down during that storm.  They just got rid of the last pieces of wood 2 weeks ago.  The good thing is now there are no trees that can fall on their house.   I do have a brother in NYC and another brother just an hour east of NYC.  We are praying for their safety.  The weather was been so scary these last several years.  Again, please stay safe and know that prayers are being said for you all.

Yesterday was pumpkin carving day here at the McGrew Home.  What fun we had.  Tucker wanted to carve a squash this year.  The girls were excited to carve their pumpkins.  Molly carved an Eiffel Tower   in her pumpkin and Payton did a jack-o-lantern with a mustache.

Last night I worked on some more Studio J layouts.  I completed another 10 layouts so my 10th layout was FREE!  This special hosted by CTMH is only available until WEDNESDAY.  Be sure to take advantage of for every 9 layouts you get the 10th one FREE!

Here are two of the layouts I did last night.

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