Monday, July 6, 2009

My Tucker

What a whirlwind the past 36 hours have been! We arrived home from a July 4th party abouut 11:30 Saturday night. The kids got in the jammies and fell asleep instantly. Tucker came down with "swimmer's ear" last Wednesday. I have been putting drops in his ears 4 times a day since Thursday. Long story short, he had a bad reaction to the medicine on Saturday night which sent us to the walk-in medical center Sunday morning. They sent us to the Children's Hopsital here in Charleston. Tucker had to undergo an MRI last night and stay the night in the hospital. Wow! Talk about a worried mother! The girls and I wnet to visit him yesterday (Stan stayed with him over night) and then we spent most of today there, as well. Good news is Tucker should be released within the next hour or two. All his blood work and tests have come back normal. His MRI looked great. He just had a weird reaction and we will NEVER give him that particular medicine he was taking for the swimmer's ear again! What a blessing it was nothing serious!
Needless to say, we are all exhausted and ready for bed!
Here is a layout I created on the first day of school last year of my precious Tucker (who scared me to death this weekend!). Time certainly does fly! Tucker will be starting 6th grade next month. I wish I could put him (and Molly and Payton) in the freezer and take them out on the weekend to prevent them from growing up!
Happy Day Everyone!

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Karen said...

Oh, Amy! What a scare. I'm so glad he is OK.