Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ON the Tenth Day of Christmas...

On The Tenth Day of Christmas, Amy Offered to Me The NON STICK MICRO-TIP SCISSORS for $13.00 (normally $13.95)!

These are my most favorite scissors!  I actually own several pairs- one for cutting sticky things, one for cutting paper and one for cutting ribbon.  I tie ribbon on each pair so I know which pair is for what.  
These scissors are coated and have a non-stick surface to cut through adhesive without sticking.  They are small and super sharp for  detailed cutting.  They come with a nice guard to slip on the point of the scissors to keep them protected AND to keep you from getting cut!

***So as an added BONUS, if you order a pair of Non-Stick Micro-Tip Scissors, I will add a roll of the NEW Thin 3-D Foam Tape for half price ($2.95 instead of $5.95).  This double-sided foam tape is 1 mm tall.  2 rolls come in a package.  it is 3/4" and 1/4" widths.  There are 75" per roll.  Like the 3-D foam tape CTMH has carried for years, the thin 3-D foam tape is my go-to adhesive when I want to add dimension to my projects.  You can never have too many rolls of this stuff!  And the non-stick micro- tip scissors cut this tape wonderfully!  You can not have one without the other!

Today's special will be good until midnight


*tax and shipping charges will be added

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