Friday, December 5, 2014


On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Amy offered to me two ShinHan Touch Twin Markers for just $10 ($5.00 per marker-normally $5.95 per marker)!
Each marker is alcohol-based and includes one broad and one fine tip.

I LOVE these markers!  Why do you need these markers?  Because they make it so easy to shade and color in stamped images making them look like a professional did the coloring.  I have never been successful at shading when I color my stamped images.  Well guess what...I am successful at it now!  I used the Clay, Mahogany, Vivid Green, Sap Green, Leaf Green and Carmine markers, as well as the Colorless Blender Marker , to color in the cupcake images (which are from the December Stamp of the Month set- you GOTTA have this set- it is sooo fun!!!!) in the cards below (thank you Karen Pederson for the inspiration of these cards.  She is the original designer-I just changed the colors to make them Christmas Cupcakes!).  I do recommend the Colorless Blender for your ShinHan Touch Twin marker collection.  The colorless marker will allow you to be successful in all your color shading endeavors!

***So as an added bonus, if you order TWO MARKERS, I will purchase a THIRD MARKER for you FREE of CHARGE!  You choose the colors you want!
The markers are found on page 180 of the Annual Inspirations Idea Book.  There are 24 colors AND the colorless Marker to choose from! If you don't have a copy of the idea book you can visit my website ( and view the entire Idea Book online!

Today's special will be good until midnight.


*tax and shipping charges will be added.

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