Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On The Second Day of Christmas...Amy Offered to Me...

On the second Day of Christmas, Amy offered to me the Washi Tape Dispenser for only $6.00 (normally $6.95)!

This gotta-have tool holds 1- 1" or 2 - 1/2" washi tape rolls/  Removable magnetic wall ensures easy loading.  Multiple dispensers can be magnetically connected side by side!

Why do you need the Washi Tape Dispenser?  It will help you keep all your Washi tapes organized and in one place.  The popularity of Washi Tape is growing and growing.  CTMH offers 9 different Washi Tape designs.  You will most definitely want to collect them all!  Storing them in the Washi Tape Dispenser will remind  you that you  them, thus allowing you to step up any and every project  They will spruce up your crafting area (they look so pretty displayed on a table top!) and you will always know when you are running low on a particular design, thus knowing when you will need to re-order!

You can never have too much Washi Tape!  Why not purchase several Washi Tape Dispensers to not only store your tape but to DECORATE your crafting area!

****so as an added bonus, if you order 3 Washi Tape Dispensers I will add a free roll of Washi Tape to your shopping bag! (design will vary per each order)****

Today's special will be good until Midnight.


*tax and shipping charges will be added

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