Thursday, September 19, 2013

Studio J Meets Flip Flaps

I recently preserved some of our Summer Camp McGrew trip using the Close To My Heart online scrapbooking program, Studio J.  I had so much fun reliving all the wonderful memories my family and I created that one magical week in July.  I had an added bonus creating my layouts in Studio J- I was able to join my family in the family room watching a football game all while I was scrapbooking...and there was no mess to clean up at the end of my creative session that evening!

Last spring, CTMH introduced a new concept in Studio J,  the "NO LIMITS" concept.  This concept opens the door to SO MANY CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES!  You can use the concept to add your own photo wells or text boxes.  It allows you to drag photos into the blank canvas and make them any size you please.  I actually used the layout as a photo processing center.  I dragged various photos onto the canvas and made them the 4 x 6 size.  I fit 6 photos on one 12 x12 canvas.  Then when the layout arrived at my doorstep less than a week later I just cut the photos to their 4 x 6 size and was able to add them to one of my other layouts using the CTMH 4 x 6 flip flaps.  I did this again only making the photos a 6 x 6 size.  I was able to fit 4 6 x 6 photos on one layout.  Again, when they arrived, I cut them, slipped them into the 6 x 6 flip flaps and then added them to another Studio J layout.  This makes the layout interactive AND allows me to add many photos to one layout!

I hope these photos help you to visualize how my project turned out.

It's also fun to use the "No Limits" concept to develop 12 x 12 photos.  I used to print my photos here at my house.  I don't have a 12 x 12 printer so the largest photo I am able to print is an 8 1/2 x 11.  And it costs a small fortune to have a photo developed at the 12 x 12 size at a photo (of good quality) processing center.
Studio J is the PERFECT solution! 
I did this for the cover page of our trip as you can see in the first photo I posted above.
(keep in mind the page is in a protector so you might not see the superior quality of the actual photo).
Once I dragged the photo onto the "No Limits" concept I went back in and added a text box on top of the photo where I was able to type in my title.
Here is photo of a favorite photo (at the 12 x 12 size) I plan to frame and add to our photo wall in our hallway.
Notice that the left side of the layout I used to just develop 6- 6 x4 photos.
The right side is my 12 x 12 photo.
And don't forget-when you purchase 12 x 12 Studio J layouts, you automatically get the large and small jpegs FREE OF CHARGE...within 15 minutes of placing your order.
These jpegs allow you to share your layouts via instagram, facebook, post them on your blog or share them with family and friends in an email.
The large jpeg allows you to print your layouts wherever you wish, at whatever size you want and you can print as many as you want!

I encourage you all to play with Studio J!  Hop on over to my website ( , upload photos and create away.  It does not cost ANYTHING!  Create away!  Experiment and get familiar with the  countless opportunities you have in Studio J.
The only time you are charged is when you actually purchase a layout(s).

I would love to get together one-on-one with you or with you and a group of family and friends.  
I can also meet with you via the phone (face time would be great or Skype might be an option).
Please reach out to me if you would like more information, have questions or would like to schedule a training session or even a Studio J gathering!

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