Thursday, December 8, 2011

A FANTABULOUS Holiday Gift This Year!

Do you love scrapping, stamping, cardmaking, and paper crafting in general? Do you love sales and coupons? Why not ask Santa for a $99 kit that contains over $280 worth of product? Not only do you get a great deal on the product in the kit, you get a discount EVERYDAY by shopping from yourself!

As a CUSTOMER CONSULTANT, you will save LOTS by purchasing from yourself, have access to online training in products and techniques, and never run out of creative ideas!  To remain active and keep your full consultant status and discount you only need $300 in sales each quarter (of which you get back 22% instantly PLUS FREE PRODUCT)! Many of us have NO PROBLEM spending that much on product we love and use lots of!
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But if you DO need help reaching that level, simply tap a handful of family or friends to help you stay active! Many of my HOBBYIST CONSULTANTS have full time jobs or commitments that don't allow them to work this opportunity as a business, but they love the hobby and get together with a group of friends each month to create, laugh, and get the sales they need to stay active. Keep the commission for yourself or invest in little gifts and freebies for your group OR pass on your discount to them. The choice is yours!

Are you looking for more than just a discount - like extra money or even long term income to replace a full time job or pay off debt or supplement college costs - gymnastics - sports - or other activities your kids are involved in? How about saving to treat your family to a vacation each year?  How about earning a trip for TWO - including airfare - to an exotic location each year? Now that's what I'm talkin' about! I have BUSNIESS BUILDER CONSULTANTS on my team that are stay at home moms, retired, single, and even some with full time jobs outside of the home! They come in all shapes and sizes and customize their business to suit their needs! I'd love to help you set up a plan to reach your goal, whatever it is, so you can experience the many wonderful perks of being a Close To My Heart consultant!

Are you not ready to sign up for a discount everyday, but you KNOW someone who would LOVE this? A daughter, niece,  friend, neighbor, YOU can give this gift to them, or tap their family to give this as a gift!

So you aren't ready to sign up for a discount everyday, but you'd LOVE for Santa to get you items you've been drooling over or you'd LOVE to get started in this hobby! I've got you covered too! 

Have your loved one contact me ahead of time with a list of all of the wonderful Close to my Heart products that are on your wish list this year. Have them contact me via email or phone and place an order. They will get it shipped directly to him/her and all they will need to do is wrap them and put them under the tree! PLEASE have them place the order on/before DECEMBER 12th to guarantee your order arrives in time for Christmas.

Gift certificates are available, too . Just have your loved one contact me and tell me the amount they wish to purchase in a gift certificate and Iw ill create a hand made card to place the certificate in!

Happy Holidays!


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