Friday, September 23, 2016

A Perfect Gift Suggestion

Tweens, Teens and even Adults LOVE Instagram. It's all the rage now. I must admit, I Instagram is my favorite social media venue. Our phones are flooded with photos. And then what do we do when we get the warning saying our phone is almost out of storage? We start deleting those precious memories.  
I'm here to offer a solution of what you can do so that you don't have to discard those treasured memories!!
Close To My Heart has a very fun and simple memory keeping system that suits instagram (actually, ALL PHOTOS) photos perfectly. It is called "INSTA-LIFE." These 4 x 4 mini albums start with #Life. Photos from vacations, graduations, and everyday antics will feel right at home with these colorful albums and cards, featuring bold designs and lots of attitude. Everything you need is perfectly sized for portability and sharability, making it fun and easy to remember good times. I can put together a fabulous bundle that makes for a treasured birthday, holiday, anniversary or even a "just because" gift perfect for all ages! Here are images of the product available, as well as some pages of mini albums I have put together. The beauty of this memory keeping system is that you can create an entire album in just an hour or two! Completed albums make priceless gifts, too! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in me suggesting what to order to create a fabulous gift bundle! I also offer workshops in my studio right here in my home. You can schedule a private Insta-life workshop for you and your friends or attend a workshop I host. You can also schedule me to do birthday parties, or any special occasion. If you are not local to me we can do a workshop via Facebook Live. These are always a lot of fun, as well! It is my passion to help YOU preserve YOUR PRECIOUS MEMORIES! I"d love to help you do just that!

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