Thursday, November 19, 2015

Randome Acts of Christmas Kindness


Would you like to make the month of December and the days leading up to Christmas extra-special this year?  Are you looking for a way to practice the true meaning of Christmas?  Are you interested in starting a meaningful and fun holiday tradition with your family and/or friends?
If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions than I have the perfect solution!
Please accept my invitation to join my 
Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Workshop!

COST:  $35.00
(Cost covers all your supplies.  My instruction is FREE!)
Workshop Date:  Saturday, January 9th
(it’s important to register by November 30th so you can start your Random Acts of Christmas Kindness on Dec. 1st!)

Upon registering for this unique class, I will send you a
Random Acts of Christmas Calendar

There will be an activity listed for each of the first 24 days in December.
These are just suggestions.  If you have other activities in mind than that is fine.
Use the calendar as you wish!

Your registration fee covers the cost of the NEW! Close To My Heart  Everyday Life Binder Album, a pack of NEW! Everyday Life Memory Protectors, a package of the White Pines Picture My Life Cards and a journaling pen.
Kits to Go are available-you can totally do this workshop even if you are unable to come to the January 9th album assembly gathering.
Postage will be charged for kits mailed out.

Your task will be to carry out your Random Acts of Christmas Kindness each day in December.  Remember to take a photo to remember each act of kindness.  This can be a photo of you actually doing the act, preparing for the act, or a photo of some thing, some one, etc that represents the act.  Write whatever YOU want to remember about the act.
Once you carry out the act be sure to use one of your journaling cards in your Picture My Life card set to reflect upon the act.  
*How did it make you feel?
*How was the act received by the person you were doing the kind act for?
*Record the steps you took to carry out the task

I invite you to come to my home with all your photos and journaling cards on Saturday, January 9th 10-12 and we will put our albums together!

What a special keepsake this will be of our 2015 holiday season!

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