Friday, August 15, 2014

A Great Way to Organize!

Happy Friday!

If you are a regular visitor to my blog than you know about the awesome special Close To My Heart is hosting all month long.  For each Picture My Life Kit you purchase-you can purchase a pack of page protectors of your choice for just $3.00!  WOW!  I just LOVE an AWESOME DEAL!

I am a big fan of the Picture My Life system for so many reasons.  Fellow consultant, Sherri Rottler, created a Picture My Life Top Ten List that I agree wiht 100%.  I'd like to share it with you now.

  1. Faster, Simpler, Easier!  Create full albums quickly or take a little more time to dress it up – or a little of both – they are super flexible.
  2. Mix & Match your pages!  Your album will still look great – and actually be more interesting – when you use a variety of different types of scrapbook styles – as long as they all have a commonality (the awesome CTMH look!):  Traditional pages, PML Divided Protectors, Stamp to create custom made cards, and even our Studio J On-line Scrapbooking (as well as custom cards made there) – will all blend beautifully together.  Because of our exclusive line of colors and the high quality CTMH look, you don’t have to be stuck with the boring, same look and style on every page.
  3. Great Value!  You get 96 different patterns/designs on 122 cards to give you lots of choices.  You’ll discover awesome focal points, titles, quotes, sayings, etc.  Then don’t forget to cut up your cards to use as Background & Texture paper, tags, banners, etc. and save all your pieces for use on future projects.  There’s so much you can do with each kit!
  4. Use on all your favorite Papercrafting Projects!  Enjoy new inspiration from these cards on quick & beautiful projects like: home decor items, gifts, cards, tags, etc.
  5. Great Titles and Sayings!  Great for Scrapbooking but also use them on Greeting cards, etc.
  6. Awesome Icons! Be inspired by the fun elements on these unique cards!
  7. Perfect for beginners!  Since each kit comes with a large variety of page protectors and 122 cards, plus a full 12×12 2-sided page, you can get started right away without needing a lot of extra supplies!
  8. Perfect for Discouraged Scrapbookers or those who have lost their mojo!   If you’ve felt overwhelmed about the time, cost and mess or about getting “behind” on your scrapbooking, PML is just what you need!  Give it a try – from now on you’ll be excited to scrapbook your families events!
  9. Perfect for the Pro!  No matter what your level of Papercrafting skills or experience is, PML will work for you! But if you enjoy puzzles, paper piecing, quilting, or just working with beautiful paper & textures, you’re going to LOVE it!
  10. Perfect Gift!  At this price and value, you’re friends and family will be thrilled getting one or more of these kits as a gift – for occasions like:  wedding, baby, graduation, birthday, Christmas, and so many more!  Also, consider the value of splitting kits and/or mix & matching kits to give (and get!) more variety.
I am looking forward to teaching a class on April 24th using the Picture My Life System.  It is going to be a fun and informative and PRODUCTIVE class.  If you missed the registration for this but are interested in attending a future class please feel free to let me know.  A September class is already in the planning process!

As mentioned, each Picture My Life Kit kit comes with 122 cards.  I am learning how to how fun mixing and matching cards from different kits.  I found that it is a MUST to have a good organization system for my cards.  If I keep them organized than I am more apt to use them.  My daughter, Payton, was a super-star and took some time and organized my cards into the Close To My Heart medium organizer.  She created divider tabs and set up my organizer perfectly.  I love how the organizer has a handle so I can easily carry it with me wherever I want to work.  Just the other night I was working on projects using my cards in the family room.  It was so simple to carry my organizer into the family room and pick and choose the cards I needed all while watching a movie with the family.

This medium organizer is also the perfect place to store my Crush Books and supplies.  Yes, the medium organizer is a MUST HAVE !

You can order your medium organizer HERE!

Happy Organizing!!!!!!

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Kim said...

Can we say....these organizers are just....FABULOUS!!!!!!
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