Friday, May 11, 2012

First Born

I have been an emotional mess the last several days.  My one and only first born is going to be graduating from 8th grade in 2 weeks.  As I shared with you earlier this week, we traveled down to Winter Haven, Florida last weekend to support Tucker (my son) and his school robotics team at the World Robotic Invitational Competition.  Tucker and his team worked hard all year long to place 2nd in the state of South Carolina which earned them a spot at the world Competition.  
Tucker is a typical teenage boy...never puts his clothes in the laundry, forgets to put the milk in the fridge when he is done with it, does not like to make his bed, etc.  In other words-he drives me CRAZY because I am always having to repeat myself asking him to do the most obvious of things.  I often wonder if he will ever grow up.  Well, last weekend at the competition my husband and I learned something else about our first born.  Tucker is the most humble child we know.  Stan and I saw a whole new Tucker in Florida.  We had no idea he could perform the way her did, talk to judges so comfortably and be such a team player and encourage his team mates.
Yes, Tucker is our son but I just had to dedicate my post today to him.  Last weekend I realized that my son has indeed, matured and is GROWING UP.  
His teachers have emailed me saying what a pleasure he has been to have in class, that he brings so much to class discussion and that Rollings Middle School of the Arts in Summerville, SC will not be the same without him walking the halls.  This week he started band practice at the high school in preparation to next year.  I dropped him off at the GREAT BIG SCHOOL Tuesday afternoon and drove away with tears filling my eyes.  I don't want him to go to high school!  How did he get to be 14?  I also realized that he will only be around for another 4 years before he goes away to college. 
And I think that having  to remind Tucker to put the milk away and pick  his dirty clothes up off the floor is not so bad after all....
I love you, Tucker James!

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