Saturday, July 24, 2010

I LOVE when the UPS Man comes to my door!

I have always loved getting mail. I had several pen pals growing up and always looked forward to the mail carrier arriving at our house. To this day I still LOVE to get mail. In this day in age when computers and email and texting are all the truly is a treasure when I receive an actual letter in the mail. And ever since I became a Close To My Heart Consultant I have grown to love the arrival of the UPS man! The other day I received my big box of NEW PRODUCT from the Corporate Office. I'm not sure what can be more exciting than THAT! I taught a class at Convention two weeks ago. Therefore, I got "paid" in new product. Oh what a delight it was opening my big box of FUN! The new Idea Book and new product will be available September 1st. I can hardly wait to share with YOU all these fabulous new products and guide you in some awesome projects using these new products!

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