Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What Scrapbook Item are You?
Take the quiz by clicking the link above. :)

Hello Again!
So sorry for my absense! I have been out of town visiting very dear friends back in Ohio. We just returned home late Tuesday night. I am so excited to share my memories of my trip with you all but I will have to do that when I have more time.

I do, however, have this fun quiz for you to take. Again,, my good friend Shannon shared this with me and I thought it was cute! Take the quiz to learn what Scrapbook Item you are and then share with me! I have shared my results below. Have fun!

Here was my result...

Your Result
You are PAPER!You are an all natural basic person who likes to act as a foundation to others. You are willing to take a backseat in most of your relationships and let others take the spotlight, while you show your support and help them shine! Underneath it all, you are the one who makes it all happen. You are the focus and stability in any group, even if you are not the leader. Others look to you to set the pace and provide ideas for ways to get things done. But Paper Beware - sometimes you get a little edgy with the people who look to you for support and can give them some papercut remarks that can hurt their feelings. Remember to watch what you say, because you are best when leading by example.

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Shannon Buck said...

*hehehe* You paper girl you. ;) So do you feel that the definition for paper is right on the money or a little off?

I was scissors and for the most part it was right on the money. Not really sure about the "will try anything once part" but definitely the "scissors beware" was 100% right. LOL