Sunday, December 14, 2008

GOT Snow? Yes! Yes! We did GET SNOW!

Hello! I have been busy creating artwork that I am excited to share with you all! This is our family Christmas card this year. If you have been reading my blog for the last 4 weeks, you know that I absolutely love SNOW and tend to get a little sad down here in the south during this time of year. I thought this card was perfect to send to all our family and friends and I am happy to share it with all of you here on my blog, as well!

A few days after mailing our cards out we traveled back to Ohio to where we used to live prior to moving to Charelston. We spent a fabulous 4 days with our dear friends, the Dozer's (thank you so much, again, for your hospitality guys. We loved spending time with you all!). What made this trip perfect was that, not only did we have quality time with the Dozer family, but we were able to spend time visiting with many of our other close Ohio friends. It was like a big reunion and it was wonderful!

Well, guess what? Ohio had their first really big snowfall of the year the day after we arrived! It started snowing early Saturday morning and continued to snow well into the evening hours. It was beautiful! The kids had a blast playing outside and we all took a wonderful walk in a winter wonderland! I was so happy! And how appropriate that the snow occured while we were visitng. All our friends commented that we "GOT" our snow! I love all the photos we took! Here are two layouts I created last night using some of my favorite photos. I must thank my dear friend, Shannon, for the inspritation on the "Friendship Snow" layout. She shared her idea with me and then I tweaked it just a bit to fit my photos. I hope you all enjoy!

My scrapbook clubs will be creating these layouts in January. If you are interested in creating these layouts and/or learning more about my scrapbook clubs please contact me today. I have both local and long distance clubs and I would love to have you join in on all the fun!

Snowflake Wishes,


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tonya beck moore said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Christmas card!!! I have never seen anything like it and it's adorable. That's why you're the queen of creativity. :)