Friday, July 22, 2016


Have you heard of Kyle Kupecky ? He married famous the author ,Karen Kingsbury's,  daughter. He is an AMAZING song writer, singer, performer. He and Kelsey (Karen Kingsbury's daughter  wrote a book together called The Chase. Every teenage girl should read this book. My Molly read it and also participated in their online book club. The book made a big impact on Molly. Molly and I discovered Kyle Kupecky's music while reading The Chase. His music is fabulous- and every song has such profound messages. You can't help but love God and love yourself a little more as you listen to his music. He currently has 2 albums out as well as a holiday album and guess what? He's releasing a new album in August AND every Friday starting TODAY he will be releasing a single off this new album!  HIs first release happened today.  The song is titled "FOOTPRINTS" and oh my!  it is FABULOUS!  Talk about and uplifting song that inspires and encourages all who listen to it.  the lyrics can;t help but remind you that you are loved and that God is always with you.  I hope you make time to check out this new tune and all the other wonderful songs that debut each Friday!  I would love to hear what you think of Kyle's music!

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