Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School

It is hard to believe that my children have been back in school for just about a month now. As my son, Tucker, says, "It does not even feel like we had summer vacation!"

Well, I kinda "went back to school" on September 1st. I signed up to take an online class titled "Learn Something New Every Day." In a nutshell, I receive a prompt each day in September that focuses on some aspect of life. The prompt encourages us to take a closer look into the details of each day, focusing on something particular. Then we are encouraged to journal about our day and something that we learned that day just going about our daily routines. And then we can scrapbook about the lesson learned that day.

I loved the assignment on September 10th. The instructor encouraged us to take a peek back at what we had journaled/scrapped the first 10 days of September and then create a list of "10 things we learned the first 10 days of September."

Here are 10 things I learned (in no particular order):

10. I can never have enough patience!

9. I have way more project ideas than time to create them

8. I love the change of seasons

7. Teenagers are unique creatures with attitudes!

6. I am addicted to exercise

5. Being tired is a perpetual feeling for me

4. Computers are very frustrating to me

3. If I do not spend time daily with the LORD then I get all out of whack

2. My heart is heavy on and around September 11th

1. I have the best husband, friend and soul mate: STAN!

I'd love to hear what lessons you have learned just by going about your daily routine. Feel free to post a comment!

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